About us

Leuven Plays is an event and tour guide company in Leuven. 

We are constantly designing and implementing new, creative ranges of experiences. We are constantly looking for innovative activities and games, special experiences for the senses, unknown or almost forgotten experiences. We are, for example, stronlgy committed to historical or medieval cooking workshops based on original local recipes, or we designed a unique cycling route along Leuven's traditional cafés and their almost forgotten old games. Or how about a chocolate and beer pairing? Our beer sommeliers and zythologists will be happy to show you this delicious pairing.

Groups can contact us for tailor-made programs all year round, and we also organize weekly programmed activities for individuals and groups to register. Every six months - spring/summer & autumn/winter - the schedule of these fixed, weekly activities, changes. Be sure to take a look at www.leuvenleisure.be and www.beerhop.be: here you will find information about all our activities.

Want to become a guide at Leuven Leisure? It's possible! We are always looking for passionate, motivated and dynamic people to join our team. Contact us at hello@leuvenleisure.com or drop by in the Tiensestraat 5.