Beer your Senses - a treat! *TIP

i.c.w. Beer Hop

This interactive workshop plays with your senses. In different rounds you will get to find tasting beer is something you do with áll your senses. Hear, smell, see, touch and of course, taste!

Never again will you look at your beer in the same way..

customized, every day and time possible
+/-2h15 / 41 euro p.p. excl. any room rental or travel expenses - 1 euro/km with min. of 50 euro
incl. 8 beers, a feast for the senses and professional explanations by a beer connaisseur, beer sommelier or zythologist
for up to 14 people without additional costs possible at the Leuven Leisure office/local beers shop (depending on availability), for more participants a suitable venue is to be agreed upon. We are also happy to come by your place

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