Chocolate and Beer Pairing ***must be HEAVEN

i.c.w. Beer Hop
Belgians, we are proud of our beer! However, we are also world famous for our unequalled chocolate. Now, Leuven Leisure brings these two worlds together. During this tantalizing tasting, learn which beer goes well with what type of chocolate, and why. Exploring complementary or contrasting flavors, you will discover one surprise after another!

For this tasting, we serve only the top local products: the very best Leuven and Flemish Brabant beers combined with fine local artisan chocolate creations.

year round every Saturday 5:30-7pm
25 euro p.p. 
incl. explanations from our beer connoisseur/beers shop responsible and 4 combinations of each time a specialty beer with an artisan Leuven praline
takes places at our Leuven Leisure office/local beers shop, Tiensestraat 5 (50m from Grand Place)
subscribe at or book online (+ mini booking fee)

customized, all days and times possible
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